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Wire Transfer Agreement

To customers who prefer to pay by wire transfer:

  1. Wire transfer is a convenient but relatively expensive method for foreign customers. Using this payment method is subject to Doccol’s approval because incorrect bank processing of wire transfer occurred very frequently in the past.
  2. Please check if your bank can process wire transfer directly to the Bank of America. If not, you may incur additional sending fee of $20-$30 at your relay bank (intermediary bank). We are not responsible for this relay fee. Doccol only agrees to cover the wire receiving fee that will be charged by our bank, the Bank of America.
  3. Customers agree to pay all wire sending fees including a projected intermediary bank fee if your bank cannot directly transfer the payment to Doccol’s account in the Bank of America. When processing a wire transfer, customers should ensure Doccol’s receiving of the full amount as stated on their invoices (except for the projected intermediary bank fee).
  4. Small amount of payment cannot be sent to Doccol through wire transfer because of a relatively too high processing fee. For example, if you send $15 by wire transfer, the recipient will receive zero or negative amount after the receiving fee has been deducted. Thus, you are just "donating" to banks, not paying anyone.
  5. If you chose one of other payment methods at the time when you were placing your orders, but later on you changed mind to pay Doccol by wire transfer without Doccol's approval, you may be billed for additional fees to cover the bank processing cost. Checks and credit cards will be accepted for paying these fees.
  6. Customers will be asked to clear their previous balance due(s), if any, before their order can be processed. Customers may ask Doccol to provide a new invoice forwarding their previous balance due(s) to their new order total.
  7. Using wire transfer to pay Doccol equals an automatic consent to this agreement.

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