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Encoding of MCAO Suture Catalog numbers

Doccol MCAO sutures are encoded in a formala of "U0DDLL(L)PKN(N)(Re)" according to suture size, coating diameter, coating length, pack size and reusability, wherein "U0" stands for USP “0” number, "DD" for tip (coated part) diameter in "0.DD mm", "LL(L)" for coating length in "L-L(L) mm", "PKN(N)" for pack of "N(N) filaments", "Re" for reusable sutures, and "()" for optional. For example, "7019910PK5Re" stands for "made of 7-0 bare suture, coated tip diameter 0.19 mm, coating length 9-10 mm, pack of 5 filaments, reusable".

Replacements for some obsolete catalog numbers:

7023910PK5Re  = 702309PK5Re, 70CL9TD023Re, 70-1720ReL10
702356PK5Re = 7023PK5Re,  70-1720PK5Re
602356PK10 = 6023PK10,  60-1720PK10
602356PK5Re = 6023PK5Re,   60-1720PK5Re
503356PK10 = 5033PK10, 50-3033PK10
403756PK10 =  4037PK10,  40-3033PK10

Others available upon request:   403723PK10-TL40, 304967PK10, 304967PK5Re, 305467PK10, 305167PK10, 304767PK10, 404767PK10, 503967PK10

A near complete list of MCAO suture catalog numbers.

Suture size  Diameter (mm) CL 1.5-2 CL 2-3 CL 3-4 CL 4-5 CL 5-6 CL 6-7 CL 9-10
7-0 0.15 701512PK5Re 701523PK5Re 701534PK5Re 701545PK5Re 701556PK5Re   7015910PK5Re
8-0 0.17 801712PK5 801723PK5 801734PK5 801745PK5 801756PK5    
7-0 0.17 701712PK5Re 701723PK5Re 701734PK5Re 701745PK5Re 701756PK5Re   7017910PK5Re
8-0 0.18 801812PK5 801823PK5 801834PK5 801845PK5 801856PK5    
7-0 0.18 701812PK5Re 701823PK5Re 701834PK5Re 701845PK5Re 701856PK5Re   7018910PK5Re
8-0 0.19 801912PK5 801923PK5 801934PK5 801945PK5 801956PK5    
7-0 0.19 701912PK5Re 701923PK5Re 701934PK5Re 701945PK5Re 701956PK5Re   7019910PK5Re
8-0 0.20 802012PK5 802023PK5 802034PK5 802045PK5 802056PK5    
7-0 0.20 702012PK5Re 702023PK5Re 702034PK5Re 702045PK5Re 702056PK5Re   7020910PK5Re
8-0 0.21 802112PK5 802123PK5 802134PK5 802145PK5 802156PK5    
7-0 0.21 702112PK5Re 702123PK5Re 702134PK5Re 702145PK5Re 702156PK5Re   7021910PK5Re
6-0 0.21 602112PK10 602123PK10 602134PK10 602145PK10 602156PK10   6021910PK10
6-0 0.21 602112PK5Re 602123PK5Re 602134PK5Re 602145PK5Re 602156PK5Re   6021910PK5Re
8-0 0.22 802212PK5 802223PK5 802234PK5 802245PK5 802256PK5    
7-0 0.22 702212PK5Re 702223PK5Re 702234PK5Re 702245PK5Re 702256PK5Re   7022910PK5Re
8-0 0.23 802312PK5 802323PK5 802334PK5 802345PK5 802356PK5    
7-0 0.23 702312PK5Re 702323PK5Re 702334PK5Re 702345PK5Re 702356PK5Re   7023910PK5Re
6-0 0.23 602312PK10 602323PK10 602334PK10 602345PK10 602356PK10   6023910PK10
6-0 0.23 602312PK5Re 602323PK5Re 602334PK5Re 602345PK5Re 602356PK5Re   6023910PK5Re
7-0 0.25 702512PK5Re 702523PK5Re 702534PK5Re 702545PK5Re 702556PK5Re   7025910PK5Re
6-0 0.25 602512PK10 602523PK10 602534PK10 602545PK10 602556PK10   6025910PK10
6-0 0.25 602512PK5Re 602523PK5Re 602534PK5Re 602545PK5Re 602556PK5Re   6025910PK5Re
6-0 0.27 602712PK10 602723PK10 602734PK10 602745PK10 602756PK10   6027910PK10
6-0 0.27 602712PK5Re 602723PK5Re 602734PK5Re 602745PK5Re 602756PK5Re   6027910PK5Re
5-0 0.27 502712PK10 502723PK10 502734PK10 502745PK10 502756PK10   5027910PK10
5-0 0.27 502712PK5Re 502723PK5Re 502734PK5Re 502745PK5Re 502756PK5Re   5027910PK5Re
5-0 0.29 502912PK10 502923PK10 502934PK10 502945PK10 502956PK10   5029910PK10
5-0 0.29 502912PK5Re 502923PK5Re 502934PK5Re 502945PK5Re 502956PK5Re   5029910PK5Re
5-0 0.31 503112PK10 503123PK10 503134PK10 503145PK10 503156PK10    5031910PK10 
5-0 0.31 503112PK5Re 503123PK5Re 503134PK5Re 503145PK5Re 503156PK5Re    5031910PK5Re 
5-0 0.33 503312PK10 503323PK10 503334PK10 503345PK10  503356PK10    5033910PK10
5-0 0.33 503312PK5Re 503323PK5Re 503334PK5Re 503345PK5Re  503356PK5Re    5033910PK5Re
4-0 0.33 403312PK10 403323PK10 403334PK10 403345PK10 403356PK10   4033910PK10
5-0 0.35 503512PK10 503523PK10 503534PK10 503545PK10 503556PK10   5035910PK10
5-0 0.35 503512PK5Re 503523PK5Re 503534PK5Re 503545PK5Re 503556PK5Re   5035910PK5Re
4-0 0.35 403512PK10 403523PK10 403534PK10 403545PK10 403556PK10   4035910PK10
4-0 0.35 403512PK5Re 403523PK5Re 403534PK5Re 403355PK5Re 403556PK5Re   4035910PK5Re
5-0 0.37 503712PK10 503723PK10 503734PK10 503745PK10 503756PK10    5037910PK10 
5-0 0.37 503712PK5Re 503723PK5Re 503734PK5Re 503745PK5Re 503756PK5Re    5037910PK5Re 
4-0 0.37 403712PK10 403723PK10 403734PK10 403745PK10 403756PK10   4037910PK10
4-0 0.37 403712PK5Re 403723PK5Re 403734PK5Re 403745PK5Re 403756PK5Re   4037910PK5Re
5-0 0.39 503912PK10 503923PK10 503934PK10 503945PK10  503956PK10  503967PK10  5039910PK10 
5-0 0.39 503912PK5Re 503923PK5Re 503934PK5Re 503945PK5Re  503956PK5Re     5039910PK5Re 
4-0 0.39 403912PK10 403923PK10 403934PK10 403945PK10 403956PK10   4039910PK10
4-0 0.39 403912PK5Re 403923PK5Re 403934PK5Re 403945PK5Re 403956PK5Re   4039910PK5Re
5-0 0.41 504112PK10 504123PK10 504134PK10 504145PK10 504156PK10   5041910PK10
5-0 0.41 504112PK5Re 504123PK5Re 504134PK5Re 504145PK5Re 504156PK5Re   5041910PK5Re
4-0 0.41 404112PK10 404123PK10 404134PK10 404145PK10  404156PK10    4041910PK10
4-0 0.41 404112PK5Re 404123PK5Re 404134PK5Re 404145PK5Re  404156PK5Re    4041910PK5Re
4-0 0.43 404312PK10 404323PK10 404334PK10 404345PK10  404356PK10    4043910PK10
4-0 0.43 404312PK5Re 404323PK5Re 404334PK5Re 404345PK5Re 404356PK5Re    4043910PK5Re
4-0 0.45 404512PK10 404523PK10 404534PK10 404545PK10  404556PK10    
4-0 0.45 404512PK5Re 404523PK5Re 404534PK5Re 404545PK5Re 404556PK5Re    
4-0 0.47 404712PK10 404723PK10 404734PK10 404745PK10  404756PK10 404767PK10  
4-0 0.47 404712PK5Re 404723PK5Re 404734PK5Re 404745PK5Re 404756PK5Re    
3-0 0.47           304767PK10  
3-0 0.49         304956PK10 304967PK10  
3-0 0.51       305145PK10 305156PK10 305167PK10  
3-0 0.54 305412PK10 305423PK10 305434PK10 305445PK10 305456PK10 305467PK10  
3-0 0.58         305856PK10 305867PK10  
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01.Medium MCAO suture 40L56C
02.Fine MCAO suture 40L56C
03.Medium A MCAO suture 60L56C
04.Fine MCAO suture 60L56C
05.Medium B MCAO suture 40L56C
06.Fine MCAO suture 70L56
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