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Micro dissecting spring scissors with 0.15x7.5mm straight blades
Micro dissecting spring scissors with 0.15x7.5mm straight blades
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Discount Bonus Policy

The Bundle Discount has been recently added as a new discount type, which is offered for valid bundle orders and has 5% and 10 % levels. A bundle order is an order that has ordered products of two or multiple categories, for example, MCAO Sutures plus microcatheters or MCAO Sutures plus Surgical Tools. Valid bundle orders and associated discount levels are listed below:


Bundle Discount Details
Discount Level Product Category I Product Category II % of Category II*
5% of all ordered products price MCAO Sutures Microcatheters and/or Surgical Tools >= 35%
10% of all ordered products price >=50%
*: % of Category II = (Price of Category II) / (Price of Category I + Price of Category II) * 100
Price of Category II = Price of Microcatheters + Price of Surgical Tools



We offer a special Customer Discount to the customer who has published a scholarly paper that refers to our product(s). The amount of the discount will depend on the carrying journal’s latest impact factor. The higher the impact factor is, the bigger the discount we will offer, to a maximum of 15% of order amount. Such Customer Discount takes effects on the date that we are informed for such a publication and applies to all future orders.

When there is a promotion for some products, a discount code will be available for applying the discount towards these products. Such promotion discount code may be sent to the customers along with their orders or provided on the website.


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01.Medium MCAO suture 40L56C
02.Fine MCAO suture 40L56C
03.Medium A MCAO suture 60L56C
04.Fine MCAO suture 60L56C
05.Medium B MCAO suture 40L56C
06.Fine MCAO suture 70L56
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