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Vascular cannulation procedure

The following is a preliminary guidance for cannulating a micro vassel. You may modify it as needed.

1. Open the package from the connector end.
2. Carefully take out the microcatheter unit without stretching the tubing.
3. Clean the microcatheter with water or PBS.
4. Mark the tubing length with a permanent marker for insertion inside a vessel.
5. Sterilize the unit with ethylene oxide, electron beam, or 70% ethanol.
6. Remove the Luer cap.
7. Turn on the stopcock switch.
8. Fill the unit with heparinized saline.
9. Attach a syringe or pressure transmitter to the female Luer end.
10. Surgically open a vessel.
11. Insert the tubing end into an opened vessel.
12.  Advance the tubing along the vessel for the marked length.
13. Fix the tubing to vessel wall.
14. The implanted microcatheter unit now is ready for:

1) Blood sampling;
2) Drug delivery;
3) Blood Pressure measurement.


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