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Portable Stereotaxic Instrument for Rats and Mice
[Catalog No.: RW-PTB-STTX-RM-68526]

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This is a portable stereotaxic instrument for both rats and mice. Its innovative design enables better performance in both mice and rats on the same base , which works with various adaptors and corresponding ear bars perfectly. This instrument offers 3 axes, a left-hand manipulator arm, a rat and mouse nose clip, 18°and 60°ear bars, and a standard probe holder. Other subassemblies are available such as dual arms, digital, etc. The deletion of U-frame in its design offers an enlarged the operating space, makes it more economical and reliable. Its adaptor can be substituted for rats and mice. Its unique UP indicator prevents incorrect operation. Its gouble-lead screw design makes your operation more stable and accurate.

It comes with a rat adaptor 68088 with 18 degree rat ear bars, a mouse adaptor 68087 with 60 degree mouse ear bars.

Technical Parameters

1. Base plate size: 400mm x 255mm.
2. Distance between ear bar and base plate: 35.5mm.
3. Ear bar slots with vernier of 0.1mm resolution.
4. Scale range of Ear bars: 35mm with 1mm resolution.
5. Dorsal/Ventral adjustment range for the adaptor: 30mm (+10mm~-20mm) with 0.1mm resolution.
6. Working distance in 3 dimension is 80 mm with precise alignment to 0.1mm resolution.
7. Vertical direction: 180° rotation and lock at any angles.
8. Horizontal direction: 360° rotation and lock at any angles.
9. Dual-lead screws ensure stable, accurate and smooth manipulation.
10. Accuracy and flexibility can be maintained at variable temperatures.
11. Unique anti-clockwise UP mark engraved in the knob prevents incorrect operation.
12. Vertical lock and fixing knob are separated to ensure accurate function at any angle.
13. Replace the U-frame, enlarge the operating space, more economical and reliable.
14. Laser engraved scales enable comfortable reading.
15. Ear bar locked plate pressing instead of clamping ensures more stability.
16. Syringe pump, micro camera and drill can be attached to instruments.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 26 April, 2023.

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