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Nanoinjection Pump
[Catalog No.: RW-Nano-R480]

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The R-480 is designed for high-precision nanoinjection with nanoliter volumes by using fine glass capillaries. Its precise control of the internal plunger coupled with a unique seal ring design offers better air-tightness, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of injection. It is suitable for stereotaxic injection of drugs, viruses, neurotransmitters or dyes into deep brain tissue in rats and mice.


Control unit size (length × width × height)

170×120×45 mm

Injection unit size (length)

20 cm

Length of connection cable between injection unit and control unit

100 cm

Length of connection cable between footswitch and control unit (optional accessories)

200 cm


5.0 inch capacitive touch screen

resolution: 800×480 px


Control unit 0.8 kg; Injection unit 0.2 kg;

Footswitch 1.5 kg

Minimum injection rate

0.02 nl/s (or 1.20nl/min)

Maximum injection rate

200 nl/s (or 12000nl/min)

Rate minimum resolution

0.01 nl/s (or 0.1nl/min)

Fill rate

0.02-200 nl/s (or 1.20-12000 nl/min)

Empty rate

0.02-200 nl/s (or 1.20-12000 nl/min)

Reset rate

200 nl/s (or 12000 nl/min)

Minimum injection volume

0.6 nl

Maximum injection volume

5000.0 nl

Minimum volume resolution

0.1 nl

Plunger travel distance

28 mm




1-999 s

Glass electrode Dimension

O.D. 1.14 mm, I.D. 0.53 mm


This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 23 April, 2023.

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